Bees v Anniesland (18/06/22) scorecard

Bees v Anniesland

Western Union Division 4: 40 overs-a-side

Bees 204-4 (8 pts) beat Anniesland 96-4 (2 pts) by 108 runs

Match played at Bellahouston Park, Glasgow.
Saturday 18th June 2022, 12:00

Toss won by Bees, who elected to bat.


Batsman How out   Bowler Runs b m 4s 6s
T Hart (*) not out   98     7  
B Moulson c J McLaren b E Kapila 6        
A Muneeb run out (Q Qayyum)   13     1  
M Sasikumar c N Cummins b IWA MacKay 23     3  
S Faisal run out (E Crick)   34     1  
A Harden not out   3        
S Cunningham              
A Ferguson              
G Barbour              
S Hargie              
S Yousaf              
Extras (4b, 1lb, 2nb, 23w, 0pr) 30
Total (for 4 wkts, 40.0 overs) 204
FOW Overs Out Not out Partnership
1 - 40   B Moulson T Hart 40
2 - 81   A Muneeb T Hart 41
3 - 124   M Sasikumar T Hart 43
4 - 194   S Faisal T Hart 70
      T Hart
A Harden

Bowling analysis

Bowler O M R W nb w
N Cummins 5.0 0 28 0    
E Kapila 10.0 3 40 1    
S Nagarhalli 8.0 1 29 0    
IWA MacKay 10.0 1 44 1    
E Crick 2.0 0 19 0    
SM Mohammadi 5.0 0 39 0    


Batsman How out   Bowler Runs b m 4s 6s
E Crick c S Cunningham b S Faisal 7        
C Leslie c A Harden b S Yousaf 16        
Q Qayyum (*) b G Barbour 14        
R Brown not out   13        
J McLaren (+) b A Ferguson 4        
IWA MacKay not out   7        
D Mansoori              
S Nagarhalli              
E Kapila              
SM Mohammadi              
N Cummins              
Extras (0b, 5lb, 3nb, 27w, 0pr) 35
Total (for 4 wkts, 40.0 overs) 96
FOW Overs Out Not out Partnership
1 - 24   C Leslie E Crick 24
2 - 36   E Crick Q Qayyum 12
3 - 57   Q Qayyum R Brown 21
4 - 70   J McLaren R Brown 13
      R Brown
IWA MacKay

Bowling analysis

Bowler O M R W nb w
A Harden 6.0 0 19 0    
T Hart 5.0 1 11 0    
S Yousaf 5.0 0 9 1    
S Faisal 4.0 0 9 1    
S Cunningham 6.0 1 12 0    
G Barbour 7.0 1 12 1    
S Hargie 4.0 0 10 0    
A Ferguson 2.0 0 6 1    
B Moulson 1.0 0 3 0    

Team milestones

  • Debut: Ramsay Brown
  • 50 Wickets: Ian MacKay (50)

Club milestones

  • 1500 Runs: Crawford Leslie (1504)

Match report

Match reports are the views of the author, and not necessarily those of the club.

Sometimes in a movie trilogy - take Lord of the Rings for example - things look bad but there’s a moment when light shines and you know that in the end good will prevail - that the Fellowship will defeat Mordor.

In other words, sometimes when things are going really badly you have to hit the bottom to know which way is up.

Today our fielding was abysmal.

We dropped 12 catches including the key man four times on 7, 34, 64 and 80 on his way to a 40 over 95 not out. We mis-fielded in deep and up close. We were not in the right place. We were not on it at all.

There were some good moments superb spell from Ekansh with scant reward due to catching, really good stint too from Ian (also victim of the dropsies) and Sohrab Nelson and Sid, too bowled well.

QQ had a 40m direct hit run out.

But in the end it was a 130-150 par score wicket and Bees got 204 which was always going to be too many on that pitch.

We set out to see off their decent opening bowler and then attack and whilst we did see 11 overs away with no real troubles bar a clean bowled off a no ball for Crawford. Some pretty ordinary change bowling bought two wickets.

Bringing young Ramsay “Frodo” Brown to crease in the 13th over with QQ. Now the draw was really the only option. So began the defence of Helms Deep.

Ramsay nearly went when a catch claimed at cover - but seen to have been caught by combination of hand and grass - so batsman recalled.

QQ went eventually with still 12 overs to go, then Jim soon after, but Ian “Samwise” McKay came and together Ramsay and he earned a valuable 2 pts as we chase a promotion spot.

Especially calm and focused from Ramsay to their good leg spinner and in truth not a chance from either.

Young Ramsay carried the Ring home.

We hit bottom. We bounced back. We go again.

MOTM: Ramsay Brown.

Champagne Moment: First ball final over blocked by Ian meant a draw was guaranteed.

Non Alcoholic Fizzy Drink Moment: Ekansh bowling to a set play ball to get opener caught (yes really) behind from a rib tickler.

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