Glasgow Accies U11 v Ferguslie U11 (04/07/08) scorecard - Glasgow Accies Cricket Club

Glasgow Accies U11 v Ferguslie U11 (04/07/08) scorecard

Glasgow Accies U11 v Ferguslie U11

West District U11 League: 20 overs-a-side

Glasgow Accies U11 7-12 (0 pts) lost to Ferguslie U11 41-11 (2 pts) by 34 runs

Match played at New Anniesland, Glasgow.
Friday 4th July 2008, 18:00

Umpire: CAC Dawson
Scorer: CAC Dawson

Toss won by Ferguslie U11, who elected to field.

Glasgow Accies U11

Batsman How out   Bowler Runs b m 4s 6s
S Agwan b T Ahmed -3        
L Gilkison not out   2        
O McBurnie b N Sarode -10        
T Aston not out   6        
C Russell (*) b S Khan -10        
R McCallum b D Spence -9        
S McCallum (+) not out   7     1  
S McAlpine-Scott run out   -4        
R Curren b H Khan -14        
H Campbell not out   4        
Extras (1b, 0lb, 8nb, 29w, 0pr) 38
Total (for 12 wkts, 20.0 overs) 7  
Net score 147

Bowling analysis

Bowler O M R W nb w
T Ahmed 4.0 1 11 3   3
N Sarode 4.0 1 9 2 2  
S Khan 2.0 0 8 1   4
D Spence 3.0 0 4 1   2
H Khan 3.0 2 1 4    
H Minhas 2.0 0 14 0   10
R Hadden 2.0 0 19 0 6 10

Ferguslie U11

Batsman How out   Bowler Runs b m 4s 6s
H Khan b H Campbell -6        
S Khan not out   3        
D Spence c R Curren b C Russell -6        
R Hadden b T Aston -10        
J Lee (+) st S McCallum b S McAlpine-Scott -3        
H Minhas not out   1        
N Sarode (*) st S McCallum b L Gilkison 6        
T Ahmed run out (R Curren)   -6        
Extras (3b, 0lb, 4nb, 55w, 0pr) 62
Total (for 11 wkts, 20.0 overs) 41  
Net score 186

Bowling analysis

Bowler O M R W nb w
H Campbell 3.0 0 17 1   12
R Curren 3.0 1 8 0 2 4
T Aston 2.0 0 3 2   2
O McBurnie 2.0 0 15 0   14
R McCallum 2.0 0 16 0   6
S McAlpine-Scott 2.0 0 8 1   7
L Gilkison 2.0 0 9 3 2 4
S Agwan 2.0 0 8 1   4
C Russell 2.0 0 9 1   2

Team milestones

  • Best Bowling Figures: Lewis Gilkison (3-9)

Match report

Match reports are the views of the author, and not necessarily those of the club.

On an unexpectedly gorgeous evening for cricket the Accies fledglings were inserted by a confident Ferguslie skipper. The scene was set as the first wicket went down without a run on the board and so it continued eventually amassing a final total of twelve sets of shattered stumps. It does make life difficult having 60 runs knocked off one's total! Having said that four Accies lads managed not to lose a wicket so you can work that out for yourselves.

An adjusted total of 7 runs was going to be difficult to defend but the lads persevered in the face of adversity steadily knocking over the Ferguslie batsmen. A catch and run out by Ross Curran followed by two smart stumpings by Sandy McCallum helped keep interest right up to the final over when it was calculated that the lads required Cameron Russell to bowl two wides with stumpings from them followed by six wickets in six genuine balls. Needles to say this was somewhat far fetched but the guys thought it possible - isn't it great to be under 11??

The biggest plus from this match was Sandy McCallum's performance behind the stumps. I have not coached him in wicketkeeping but he has quite naturally taken to standing right up to the stumps, takes the ball cleanly and then presents the ball to the stumps in case the batsman forgets where he is. Most kids have to be taught this.

The greatest problem for the rest of July is the mass exodus to sunny climes and from a playing pool of 22 we are now reduced to a maximum of 7 and possibly less. It had been mooted to go to some Sunday Kwik Kricket Festivals but even that is in danger now. Anyone want a game??

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