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Fraser Murray Gillidanda: Striking Website Solutions (external link)
Stuart Murray Gillidanda: Striking Website Solutions (external link)
Euan Sheridan Choices Newsagents Ltd, Anniesland Road

Glasgow Accies CC would like to thank their sponsors for their support of the club.

Ever fancied having your company sponsor some of the world's best sports stars? Your budget doesn't stretch to the likes of Ronaldo, Warne or Woods? Well we have the next best thing!

For 2008, Glasgow Accies are again offering you the opportunity to sponsor any of one of our future stars of world cricket as players are being asked to find personal sponsors to cover their levy.

Sponsor your player now or risk missing out on their meteoric rise to cricket stardom, or their decline into cricketing obscurity.

Sponsors benefits include:

  • a banner advertisement and/or weblink on their player's webpage, to a maximum size of 470 x 80 pixels
  • every page on the site, other than the hompage, will show a sponsored player advert 50% of the time
  • recognition on this page, and
  • a place on our "sponsors' wall" in the pavilion

If you don't have a banner ad, for a donation of £25 to club funds we can create one for you. Alternatively a textual advert/link can be provided.

Please forward your ad or artwork to, or include on a disk with your payment, along with the name of the player(s) you wish to sponsor.

Payment should be passed to your player in the form of a cheque made payable to "GACC".