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April 2005 News

Pre-season Training

Posted on Wednesday 20th April 2005 by Fraser Murray

Plans for games have fallen through due to recent rain, so we're going to try and get some sort of practice at Accies on Saturday at 11 (provisional). At least a bit of fielding if nothing else.

I'll update later in the week when arrangements become more concrete, or in the event of dodgy weather.


Posted on Wednesday 13th April 2005 by Colin Dawson

Well I'm back home after a very frustrating trip to Australia. Frustrating as, on arrival in Sydney, we were told that the weather had just broken after a prolonged drought. We all laughed and thought nothing more about it. In the final analysis we lost half of the 50 over matches to that stuff that falls out of the skies called rain albeit warm rain!! This caused all sorts of difficulties with team selections so that everyone would be given a fair crack at the whip. 12,000 miles is a long way to travel not to play cricket. Check out full reports on matches (or not) on

Sydney centre and the harbour area were spectacular but Sydney itself is a sprawling, busy and vibrant major centre for Oz. A couple of visits to the waterfront reminded me of Cape Town although we only had one meal there courtesy of Andy Hislop's parents for which grateful thanks. We were, in fact, based at Guildford one of the suburbs of the city. Accommodation was ideal in motel apartments attached to what was the only entertainment in the area with a lively bistro attached. Food is one of the cheap items in Oz with Tuesdays and Sundays offering steak and chips for $5 (£2 approx). This went down very well with the lads but there was also an extensive menu otherwise available. The tour phrase for eating habits for the lads was "grazing" - imagine a flock of sheep continuously munching at the cud. That is an exact description - little and all of the time. They must have spent a fortune! The Subway food chain shares increased dramatically in value during the tour. The visit to the SCG for a training session with Murray Creed was memorable as were visits to Cogee and Bondi beaches - just had to do the latter!! Two people were lost at Bondi whilst we were in Sydney neither of them ours fortunately.

Moving on to Brisbane and the difference was dramatic. Staying at the Hillcrest Apartments at the top of Vulture Street on the south bank of the river provided sensational views of the city, the river and the sunsets (when not raining). The apartments were huge with two bedrooms and a central lounge/self catering area adjoining. The riverside restaurants and the artificial beach were big attractions and the visit to the Gabba was incredible.

The rains followed us to the Gold Coast and Surfers' Paradise and the only cricket experienced was on the beach. It takes four hours to walk the length of it we're told. The waves got bigger as the stay progressed and sandblasting was the order of the day if lying on it. Much of the time was spent by the hotel poolside topping up the somewhat indifferent tans experienced to date.

It sounds as though this was one big "holiday" but the truth is that we were in Oz to play cricket. The fact that we were not allowed to half of the time meant that we had to fill time by visits to indoor cricket centres with lots of coaching sessions. Our resident coach in Sydney was Keith Lawrence (28) who was absolutely superb. He is thinking of coming to Scotland in the near future to coach (level 2) whilst at the same time catching up on an MBA degree. He will go down very well over here and I have his e-mail address if anyone is interested.

Overall Oz was fascinating but very westernised in the areas visited. Dubai is the place to shop for duty free and I hear shouts of "Give it up" when I tell you that 200 cigarettes cost less than a fiver there. I've got to provide the news writers with stories like setting my pads on fire from time to time, haven't I?

It's not long till our own season begins so all 3rd XI, Juniors and parental social secretaries please stay by your phones for the calls to arms. I'll be in touch shortly.

Colin Dawson

Australia update

Posted on by Colin Dawson

I must be fated as I just spent an hour posting an update and it got lost in transmission. It will be reposted in due course.

Colin Dawson