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April 2010 News

New 2nd/3rd XI Captains

Posted on Monday 19th April 2010 by Brian Dundas

Unfortunately Stuart Murray will not be able to Captain the 3rd XI for the coming season, but the committee is very pleased to announce that Waj Bashir will be taking over for the 2010 season.  We wish him well and ask that all members support him in what can be a difficult task.

Also Rob Fornear has managed to get injured and therefor the 2nd team are also without the elected captain for the start of the season.  Rob will continue to organise the team at the moment with the captain selected on a game by game basis - this week Neil Dowers will take charge.

Training this week

Posted on by Brian Dundas

There is training at the main New Anniesland ground on both Tuesday and Wednesday night starting from 6pm.

The main clubb night is now Tuesday night with the teams for the weekend fixtures being announced after training.

See you all there.

Club Communications Improvements

Posted on Friday 9th April 2010 by Brian Dundas

We have recently embraced even more technology to allow us to communicate with our members more efficiently.  In addition to this Web Site and last years introduction of for team selection notification we have added a Facebook page and you can follow us on Twitter. 

You may be asking yourself the very sensible question “Why?” – well it is to cut down on the amount of time it takes for us to get important information out to our members.  The club has grown significantly in recent years and it simply not possible or fair for one person to have make or field phone calls about – for example – if training is still on or not.  Poor Colin Dawson, who I should add is the Junior Convener not Senior, has along with others dealt with some trivial requests over the years in good grace, but as I say it is no longer fair. 

At this point I would like to make clear these are the arrangements for Senior Cricket only, all Junior cricket regarding games and practice will continue as before. 

Here is how each bit will work. 

The Web

We will continue to use this excellent site as before – posting news, results, stats, photos and all the official stuff from the committee (if you have any suggestions for improvements then keep them to yourself as Fraser is too busy).

Facebook -

We will use Facebook most importantly for quick announcements like training being off, a game being off (you’ll still get a phone call if you’re in the team), but also for links to news on the website. Also we can interact with each other – meaning you can out comments and questions directly to us and any of the members that use the site.  To use this you’ll need a Facebook account and become a fan of the page on the link above. 

Twitter - @glasgowacciescc

We will use twitter just for very short announcements about what is happening at that moment, games off etc, but also for live game updates that is easily accessed from mobile phones these days. You’ll need a Twitter account and to follow us @glasgowacciescc 

Teamer –

This is used because we can select teams and get messages pushed out to mobile phones and email allowing the player then to immediately respond saying if they are available or not.  I find it a very useful tool for this as it saves loads of time and money chasing and calling people.  If you are not already on our teamer then email me with your First Name, Surname, email address and Mobile Phone number and I’ll add you on. 

If you are unsure about how to do any of the above, then ask a teenager to help you and note that it is not compulsory to use any of the above, but if you are standing alone at a cricket ground somewhere this summer you’ll think back to this!!

Brian Dundas

Glasgow Accademicals

1st XI Captain

Glasgow Accies Tigers Squad

Posted on by Brian Dundas

It gives me great pleasure to announce a new development plan that the Committee and Coaches at the club have come up with to help develop our younger players.  The Tigers Squad is an idea that we have been working on since the end of last season and now that the new season is almost upon us we feel now is the correct time to get it started. 

The main aims of this Squad is to give better exposure to those identified by the Coaches as the best young talent at the club the chance to experience Playing, Training and Coaching at the highest level we can.  There is also then the added incentive for any of the clubs junior members who were either overlooked or are not yet old enough to push for inclusion in the Squad, as well as for those already selected to continue to improve standards. 

How the Squad will work –  

  • As well as attending senior nets on a Tuesday night, the Squad will be encouraged to attend the 1st/2nd Team nets on a Wednesday night.  There they can be introduced to some more focused coaching and training drills which is difficult to do on the busier Club night.  It also is hoped it will have a positive affect for the Senior players on the Wednesday night.
  • There will be a degree of preferred selection for the Squad for senior weekend cricket.  Each player in the squad, when available, will be guaranteed a game in one of the senior teams every weekend, this will usually be in one of the 4 Saturday league teams.  The squad will also make up the majority of every Sunday Development team.  Teams will still be selected on merit as before but 50/50 calls will go in a Tiger’s favor.

To be a member of this squad we expect the players to show continued commitment and application throughout the season, also we would like them to help out at Junior matches they are not playing in to assist the Coaches and Managers, which we hope would allow them to pass down what they are learning for the Tigers of the Future (maybe that’s next year’s plan). 

The last thing to say about the Tigers before listing the initial squad is that it is just that – an initial squad – if any player not selected now shows during the season the required level of ability and application then they will be immediately drafted into the squad.  We will be seeking feedback from all Coaches and Captains on the performances and attitudes of players in order to monitor the success or otherwise of the scheme, so likewise negative feedback could eventually result in removal from the squad – although obviously we would not expect this to happen. 

The Tigers Squad

  • Christopher Allen
  • Mehran Baig
  • George Clark
  • Chris Coutts
  • Euan Crawford
  • Alasdair Ferguson
  • Nirvik Ganapathi
  • Habib Malik
  • Iain McCallum
  • Phil Revie
  • Dhruv Satpute
  • Ally Spike

 Brian Dundas

Glasgow Academicals

1st XI Captain