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February 2010 News

Accies' Long-Serving Coaches Recognised with Special Award

Posted on Monday 8th February 2010 by Fraser Murray

To celebrate its 30th year of existence, the Sports Council for Glasgow created a one-off, special award to recognise the services of a very special kind of volunteer - those who have been around as long as it has!

Three Accies were recognised for their outstanding, long-term contribution to their respective sports:

  • Colin Dawson, the Cricket Section's long-serving junior convenor and treasurer and former WDJCU treasurer and coach;
  • Colin Atkinson, Cricket and Club committee member, recognised for his services to badminton;
  • Alasdair Graham, secretary of the rugby section, for his services to rugby.

Dobs' outstanding contribution to the section and the sport was also recognised by the club in 2008 with the inauguration of the "Dobbin Award" for outstanding junior cricketers at Accies.

Forthcoming Junior Meeting

Posted on by Fraser Murray

A meeting will be held in the Clubhouse on Tuesday, 16th February 2010 at 7pm to which existing coaches, aspiring coaches, current team managers and assistants are cordially invited. In addition any parents and senior/older junior members that have not currently indicated a wish to become involved in either the coaching or organisational aspects of the junior cricket section will be made equally welcome.

Topics for discussion will be wide-ranging from operational issues in team management for season 2010 to methods of recruitment of new volunteers in coaching and developing initial proposals for a "2010 Tiger Squad" of deserving juniors.

At the moment the Top Bar has been reserved but it has a limited capacity of about 10. I shall be grateful if those interested in attending would contact me in advance in case a larger area needs to be used.

Colin Dawson
Junior Convenor