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July 2015 News

Main rugby pitch

Posted on Saturday 4th July 2015 by Neil Dowers

The ground staff have in recent weeks undertaken a large amount of very expensive work on the main rugby pitch at New Anniesland (the pitch in front of the stand, to the right-hand side when looking out from the pavilion).

Some of the work, such as reseeding, is fragile and can easily be damaged or undone.

We therefore ask all members to help the rugby section and the ground staff by avoiding crossing the rugby pitch unnecessarily, carrying rather than dragging bags across the playing fields, and training to the far side of the nets (to the left looking out from the pavilion).

During matches, it will obviously not be possible to keep entirely clear of the rugby pitches, but we would ask members to cause as little damage as possible by using run-up markers rather than marking the turf, refraining from marking fielding positions, and exercising basic common sense to minimise damage where possible. We should also make every effort to make sure that visiting captains are aware of the situation.

New Anniesland is a heavily-used multi-sport facility, which benefits the cricket section in many ways. We would encourage our members to respect this and make every effort to coexist with and support the other sections; just imagine how we'd feel if the rugby section wanted to practice scrummaging on the square!

Accies Select XI v CricketScotland President's Select XI - Sunday, 5 July

Posted on Wednesday 1st July 2015 by Colin Dawson

This Sunday sees an Accies Select XI hosting a Select XI from CricketScotland. It's 40 overs per side starting at 2pm.

It's all part of the Cricket Section's contribution towards the Club's 150th anniversary celebrations.  A pre-match lunch has been organised and it is hoped to have a BBQ between innings from about 4pm, weather permitting.

Junior training will take place as usual from 10.30am but will be extended till 1pm to allow some KwikCricket from around 11.45am as pre-match entertainment.

It is hoped that those few who have not disappeared on holiday will come out and support the team and enjoy a full afternoon's entertainment.