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June 2008 News

Clydesdale Junior washout

Posted on Friday 27th June 2008 by Colin Dawson

Hopefully this is not the sign of things to come but tonight is the first complete junior league washout of the season. Sadly it means that 22 Under 11's and Under 15's have to think about packing their holiday bags rather than completing double victories [positive thinking!] against Clydesdale.

I am only up to speed with the U11 holidays and it appears that from having a pool of 22 and being able to field teams of 10 every week up till now it's all change in July. It seems that 70% of the pool is going on holiday and fielding teams of even 8 may prove to be a struggle. Fingers crossed!

Overall the junior age groups are in the middle or upper table positions in their respective leagues but there is a long way to go. Numbers are healthy across the board [holidays excepted of course] and there will be more opportunities during the holiday period for those that have not been available for matches to date.

New members are still welcome at all junior age groups especially at the younger end - if anyone is interested in joining just use the "contact us" facility on the website. Summer practices continue to the end of August at the Club on Sunday mornings from 10.30am to approx 12.15pm.

Summer Cricket Coaching Courses 2008

Posted on Wednesday 25th June 2008 by Fraser Murray

The Glasgow Academy is running coaching courses during the Summer holidays for any young and enthusiastic cricketer (8 to 18 years old).

The courses will be organised and delivered by Mr V Hariharan who is the cricket professional with the Academy during the summer and The Head coach at The Australian Sports Gateway's Cricket Academy in Australia.

Cricket Practice - Wednesday, 25 June

Posted on by Colin Dawson

Due to the rain, cricket practice tonight is doubtful unless radical improvement in ground conditions.

Accies V School match Wednesday, 25 June

Posted on by Colin Dawson

Sadly the weather has forced the cancellation of today's match between Accies Select XI and the Academy Select XI. However the BBQ is still going ahead starting at 3pm. All welcome with umbrellas!

Magic Midsummer BBQ - Saturday 21st June, 8pm

Posted on Tuesday 17th June 2008 by Andrew Dodson

The club will be having our traditional Midsummer BBQ on Saturday evening from 8pm. If you would like to join the festivities please send an email to, outlining the number of people you will be bringing to the BBQ and any dietary requirements. The BBQ will cost £6 a head.

Additionally, the bar will be open from 5pm, as usual.

Bar closed Wednesday

Posted on by Andrew Dodson

The bar will not be open after training on Wednesday. However, it will be open next Wednesday as usual, weather permitting.

Magners reward for a Midsummer 50 or Five-for

Posted on Saturday 14th June 2008 by Fraser Murray

To celebrate the longest day of the year, Magners Irish Cider is offering cricketers in Scotland’s senior leagues a case of pint bottles if they achieve a 50 or five wickets on Saturday 21 June – Midsummer’s Day.

Jules Macken, GB Brand Manager for Magners, said: "Magners and cricket are a perfect fit. Watching cricket on a warm summer’s day is an ideal way to enjoy a pint of Magners over ice. As Midsummer’s Day falls on a Saturday, when there are many League matches planned, this is a just a simple way to generate a bit more interest for the players."

Roddy Smith, Chief Executive of Cricket Scotland, welcomed the initiative. He said: "It’s a great idea to offer our senior club players a chance of receiving some product for some on-field success, and it will help create some added interest in next Saturday’s games!"

To qualify, all players must be over 18 years of age on Saturday 21 June, a member of one of the following leagues, and participating in league matches on 21 June in the SNCL Premier, SNCL Div 1, SNCL Div 2, East League Div 1, Western Union Div 1, Perthshire and Strathmore Union Premier, and Border League. 

Cricket Scotland will arrange delivery of the cases of Magners to the successful players' clubs.

Metal Spiked Boots on Artifical Pitches

Posted on Monday 2nd June 2008 by Fraser Murray

It has come to the notice of the League Management Committee that players have been ignoring the wishes of clubs with artifical surfaces, and the accepted practice and custom of the WDCU for the last 25 years, for bowlers and batsmen not to wear metal spiked boots.

The damage done to pitches by use of spiked footwear is thoroughly unacceptable - especially in these times where pitches are at a premium. Failure to comply with this code of conduct may result in the Management Committee taking sanctions against offending clubs e.g. Deduction of points, suspension of Captains and/or some other penalty.

We are in the business of promoting cricket in the west and trying to get the maximum number of games played - we expect the support of all clubs in this regard. Players by and large are fully aware that "spikes" are not used on artificial surfaces.

Please be aware that common courtesy alone would demand that the wishes of clubs with artificial tracks be repected meaning that sanctions by the League Management Committee will not need to be taken.