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May 2005 News


Posted on Saturday 28th May 2005 by Colin Dawson

The month saw good if cool weather for the first two weeks but then incessant rain and gloom moved in.

The 1st XI [Glasgow Accies] has had a pretty fair start to the season beating Hillhead, getting the better of a draw against GHK and a losing draw against Irvine. New recruits from SMRH, Andy Dodson and Ed Hunter plus Al Miller from Selkirk have definitely added much needed backbone to the side taking pressure from the skipper, Fraser Murray. Andy Smith has also performed very well with the ball having already recorded a "5 for" against GHK. If and when the monsoons relent Fraser is confident that the side will do well and arguably has to be the best "non pro, non amateur" team in the League. For full details click on "teams".

The 2nd XI [Anniesland] has experienced a tough start largely due to the unavailability of several of its more seasoned players. The team has yet to record a win but the signs are that once the exams are over things will settle down and points will start to come its way. Details of results are not yet available under "teams" but hopefully this will be rectified soon.

The 3rd XI [Alps] has also had a rocky start mainly because many of its usual players have been called up to 2nd XI duties. Having said that the batting performances so far have been better than usual with a return to form of Colin Dawson and and a promising start from Jim McLaren our new import from Kirkstyle. This is on the whole a very young side and useful contributions have been made with many "getting into the teens". This is crucial in putting together a realistic score. The problem currently lies with the bowling attack with too many loose or short balls that the experienced opposition gratefully dispatches to the boundary with glee. Hopefully dry weather and decent pitches will return and the young guns will really show what they can do with a bit of application. For full details of results see "teams".

The junior XI's have been badly hit by the weather and otherwise blank match days. The U12's having won their only match so far against Hillhead are "top of their League" whilst the U15's lost their only match to Greenock with the game against Hillhead abandoned for bad light in a winning position. The season goes into full swing from the beginning of June when the U13's and U18's start their campaigns. The batting talent is there but bowling application is again needed to obtain positive results.