Glasgow Accies fixtures 1990

Date Opposition Comp Result/Fixture venue
Sunday 15/04/90 Stewart's Melville (a) Friendly Lost: Glasgow Accies 163-6; Stewart's Melville 164-4.
Saturday 05/05/90 East Kilbride (a) GDCL Lost: Glasgow Accies 120ao; East Kilbride 121-0.
Sunday 06/05/90 Kilmarnock (a) Friendly Lost: Glasgow Accies 140-6; Kilmarnock 141-2.
Saturday 12/05/90 GHK (a) GDCL Lost: Glasgow Accies 76ao; GHK 79-2.
Sunday 13/05/90 Ferguslie (a) Friendly Lost: Ferguslie 214-8; Glasgow Accies 113ao.
Thursday 17/05/90 Clydesdale (a) Rowan Lost: Clydesdale 157-5; Glasgow Accies 49ao.
Saturday 19/05/90 NKOA (h) GDCL Won: Glasgow Accies 245-6; NKOA 233ao.
Saturday 26/05/90 Helensburgh (h) GDCL Match Drawn: Helensburgh 211-7; Glasgow Accies 184-8.
Saturday 02/06/90 Hillhead (a) GDCL Match Drawn: Glasgow Accies 224-3; Hillhead 160-6.
Sunday 03/06/90 Glasgow High School FP (a) Friendly Lost: Glasgow High School FP 216-2; Glasgow Accies 147-5.
Tuesday 05/06/90 Hyndland (h) GDCLKO Won: Hyndland 83-4; Glasgow Accies 86-2.
Saturday 09/06/90 Milngavie and Bearsden (a) Friendly Match Abandoned: Milngavie and Bearsden 82ao; Glasgow Accies 68-4.
Sunday 10/06/90 Ayr (a) Friendly Won: Ayr 123ao; Glasgow Accies 124-9.
Wednesday 13/06/90 Glasgow Academy (h) Friendly Won: Glasgow Accies 173ao; Glasgow Academy 111ao.
Saturday 16/06/90 Motherwell (a) GDCL Lost: Motherwell 93ao; Glasgow Accies 82ao.
Sunday 17/06/90 Ardrossan (h) Friendly Won: Glasgow Accies 259-2; Ardrossan 127-6.
Tuesday 19/06/90 Milngavie and Bearsden (h) GDCLKO Lost: Milngavie and Bearsden 110-6; Glasgow Accies 101-7.
Saturday 23/06/90 Thornliebank (h) GDCL Lost: Glasgow Accies 129ao; Thornliebank 131-4.
Sunday 08/07/90 Edinburgh Accies (a) Friendly Won: Edinburgh Accies 118ao; Glasgow Accies 123-4.
Saturday 21/07/90 NKOA (a) GDCL Won: Glasgow Accies 185-8; NKOA 174ao.
Saturday 28/07/90 Helensburgh (a) GDCL Won: Glasgow Accies 222-5; Helensburgh 85ao.
Sunday 29/07/90 Weirs (h) Friendly Match Abandoned: Weirs 143ao; Glasgow Accies 130-7.
Saturday 04/08/90 Hillhead (h) GDCL Match Drawn: Glasgow Accies (16) 183-8; Hillhead (10) 153-9.
Saturday 11/08/90 Milngavie and Bearsden (h) Friendly New Anniesland, Glasgow
Saturday 18/08/90 Motherwell (h) GDCL Match Drawn: Motherwell (10) 206-8; Glasgow Accies (16) 177-7.
Sunday 19/08/90 Dunfermline (h) Friendly Match Abandoned: Glasgow Accies 91-3; Dunfermline 0-0.
Saturday 25/08/90 Thornliebank (a) GDCL Won: Glasgow Accies 216-3; Thornliebank 120ao.
Saturday 01/09/90 Irvine (a) GDCL Won: Irvine 78ao; Glasgow Accies 79-6.