Sumeet Nag

Sumeet, or Schums, has become a fixture at Accies since moving to Glasgow in 2009. Always keen to play cricket, he has averaged over 30 games per season since joining and even made the ultimate show of commitment to the club by taking on the midweek captaincy in 2011.

Schums has established himself as the club’s first-choice wicketkeeper and is meanwhile a handy, powerful batsman and a nagging medium-pace bowler.  His greatest innings for the club to date came in his last match as midweek captain – an aggressive 83* (44 balls) in an unbeaten stand of 130 with Austin. Perhaps more important was his cameo for the 1XI against Hillhead the same season, where he finished 23* at a run a ball in a two run victory.

Schums’ contributions to the club go beyond the playing field, where he is keenly involved in the social side of the club and even sponsors first team kit. No one has yet been able to work out what “Teemus” does, but from 2011, its logo appears on first team kit.

Schums is gaining a reputation as a loveable eccentric at Accies, between his attempts to hire the Wankhede stadium and his insistence on bankrolling the poshest game of stumpy ever, in which Moet et Chandon was gulped instead of the usual lager.

In 2012, Schums will be married to Reet in India. A number of his team mates plan to travel out to support him and experience the legendary Indian wedding, a stag party in Goa and a celebratory match against the famous Bombay Gymkhana.

Written by Austin, updated March '24.

1XI career record


M I NOs R 50s 100s Avg HS C St RO
45 29 8 217 0 0 10.33 23* 34 16 1


B R W 3W 5W Avg ER SR Best
18 22 1 0 0 22.00 18.00 7.33 1-22

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