Glasgow Accies Development XI v Strathclyde University (03/06/23) scorecard

Glasgow Accies Development XI beat Strathclyde University 262 all out by 14 runs.

Match played at The School Ground, Glasgow on Saturday 3rd June 2023 at 13:00.

Friendly, 40 overs-a-side.

Toss won by Glasgow Accies Development XI, who elected to bat.

Glasgow Accies Development XI

Batter How out Bowler Runs
M Fahd c b 107
A Gupta c b 4
K Shah c b 7
A Joseph c b 1
S Zanjure c b 77
S Suvarna c b 19
F Cheema c b 21
Q Qayyum (*) not out 1
E Kapila not out 0
E Crick
S Nagarhalli
Extras (1b, 1lb, 4nb, 31w, 0pr) 37
Total 274


Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
S Sareen 7.0 0 48 2
S Sadaan 8.0 0 40 3
X Shivam 7.0 0 42 1
X Vishnu 5.0 0 36 1
A Mother 8.0 0 60 0
H Baraq 2.0 0 14 0
X Akshat 3.0 0 32 0

Strathclyde University

Batter How out Bowler Runs
A Jadhav c Q Qayyum b S Nagarhalli 29
X Akshat st S Suvarna b E Crick 23
A Mother (*) c Q Qayyum b E Kapila 91
X Shivam b S Nagarhalli 8
H Aqeel b S Zanjure 5
H Baraq c S Suvarna b E Kapila 24
X Abu b A Gupta 0
S Sadaan b S Nagarhalli 25
X Vishnu b Q Qayyum 26
S Sareen c&b b K Shah 0
X Usman not out 0
Extras (0b, 0lb, 0nb, 31w, 0pr) 31
Total (all out, 37.1 overs) 262


Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
E Kapila 8.0 0 68 2
S Nagarhalli 8.0 0 42 3
E Crick 7.0 0 41 1
S Zanjure 4.0 0 43 1
Q Qayyum 4.0 0 30 1
K Shah 2.1 0 7 1
A Gupta 4.0 0 31 1

Match report


Anniesland vs Strathclyde Uni Friendly 40 over School Ground 

At one point we thought the day was never going to end that it did in yet another dig deep win for the second XI made it all worthwhile.

Though spare a thought for the school players who had already played a 20/20 thriller if HSoG and a dominant win if TGA and er Kelvinside got the taking part medal today. 

Playing on small ground, tiny straight boundaries and lighting outfield going to be high scoring. 

QQ won the digital toss (no coin) shook up the batting order but Akshat, Karan and Aran all fell cheaply. Mustapha however scoring freely with Sushant in the end a partnership of 140 only one chance offered by Sushant on about 20. He fell for a superb 77 but Mustapha demonstrated a beautiful timed innings at one point scoring 17 singles only to then unfurl seven boundaries on his way from 67 odd to his second club ton. His dad Fahd in the middle when he did it also scored a great 22 and Suraj a rapid 19. QQ doubled his average with a not out 1. 

However, this innings took a mind boggling 3 hours 45 minutes to complete. Students eh! 

After a good tea we set about defending the total but the students opening pair would good an in fact many in their team were of a very high standard. Sid though struck the first blow when Qasim took one of the very best boundary catches you’ll see. Sliding and catching inches above the ground on the rope. Breakthrough. 

Ed then bowled an absolute jaffa to what looked an extremely good bat (plays for West) which bounced and turned through with Suraj (who had an exceptional day with the gloves) completing the stumping. A few overs later though Ed dropped an absolute dolly – the absolute worst - off a leading-edge barley went 10 m high - at slip from their skipper a gun bat on 20 at the time - he got 91. 


The new bat was less able to handle Sid and was skittled and soon after Sushant got one then a massive partnership ensued with luck and a couple more drops a poor one from Ritvik another from Sushant and one from an emotionally tired QQ, plus some scintillating shots. 

We bowled our first 20 overs in 1hour and 5 minutes. 

Akshat picked up a good wicket then Ekansh returned and bowled really well bowling seeing one caught behind then the big scoring skipper falling for 91 caught Qasim again on the rope. He enjoyed that. A strange personality transplant on the pitch as Ed was the one keeping QQ’s exuberance in check. 

The students kept coming though we did have to wait for them to share pads and then share a bat between balls which did rather add to the time…

Some extraordinary hitting off Sushant looked to have taken the game from us with just 4 an over  then needed from 6 and 3 wickets in hand but Karan Shah bowled brilliant contained death bowling and Ritvik on as concussion sub for Arron (not ideal to run into big Ed – pick on someone your own size - could have been worse, but thankfully he’s OK) took 2 for 0 from 2.  (credited to Sid cause he deserved and QQ for fun)


Final wicket a great caught and bowled by Karan

A game which started at 1 ended at 8 pm!!!    

These Two’s don’t Lose

POTM: Mustapha 107 
Champagne Moment: Either of QQ’s catches. The first was stunning, the second he was very emotionally invested in. Indeed.

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