We, the members of Glasgow Academical Cricket Club state publicly our commitment to the ongoing progress of the club, to the development of its existing strengths and to its improvement in all areas.

In this respect we commit ourselves, over the coming five years, to work towards the achievement of the following targets:

  1. The club will provide opportunities both through cricket and outside of cricket for all members. Members are expected to contribute to the running of the club, for example, through coaching or participating in fund-raising activities to raise funds towards day to day running costs of the club and the ongoing development of club facilities to the highest standard.
  2. The club will continue to support the development of cricket among junior players by seeking to provide its members with the best possible training and regular competitive experience. It is the objective of the club to have at least one junior representative at district level for every age band;
  3. The club's first XI will establish itself as one of the best 32 club cricket sides in Scotland;
  4. On an ongoing basis the Sunday team, which shall comprise a blend of youth and experience, will compete in the top league to aid the development of the junior members of the club;
  5. The club will field a Ladies team, providing female players with access to the best possible training and to regular competitive opportunities;
  6. The club will continue to field four senior sides and to provide members of both sexes and all levels with the opportunity to play, practice and enjoy cricket on a regular basis.

March 2011