About the Scheme

TOPClub is for all clubs which are committed to junior development. It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of all Scotland's cricket clubs, big and small, and is relevant to clubs irrespective of whether they have a long-established junior section or if they are just starting out.

CricketScotland have taken examples of good practice from both "Clubmark"-type accreditation schemes and development programmes from many other sports, and have added cricket and Scottish-specific elements to the mix and combined them to create TOPClub.

The programme has been created on the principle that "good practice" and "good performance" are not mutually exclusive, but part of the same integrated path to a prosperous club.

TOPClub is a graded development programme which provides accreditation over five award levels (Active, Approved, Bronze, Silver and Gold). Clubs can progress through the system by achieving minimum standards against pre-set criteria for each level.

Objectives and Key Areas

  1. To provide a nationally-recognised form of accreditation.
  2. To assist clubs in developing structures, programmes and people, which will allow them to fulfil their potential and aspire towards excellence in offering sporting opportunities to young people in their community.
  3. To assist clubs in implementing policies and procedures which ensure they are recognised as a well-run organisation offering a safe, effective and child-friendly environment to their members.

Glasgow Accies CC: Bronze Award

Glasgow Accies were awarded the Bronze Award in 2007.

This level is the first of the three awards where the scheme's emphasis shifts to sport-specific developmental elements and helping clubs to fulfil their cricketing potential, while maintaining due diligence to quality standards and good practice.

Clubs are assessed on completion of Level 2 (Active Award) and most will work towards obtaining the bronze medal. In some cases, a club may be "fast tracked" to the silver award.

Bronze Level - Key Criteria

  • Membership of local Area development group
  • Appropriate number of qualified coaches at levels 1 &2 (subject to change on implementation of UKCC coaching structure)
  • Primary Club Partnership formed with minimum of one Primary school
  • Participation in local Kwik Cricket festivals
  • Meaningful and progressive programmes offered to young people
  • Club participating in hardball cricket competition at minimum of one age level (under 11/12 if only at one level)
  • Amount and suitability of equipment provided by club
  • Provide opportunities for girls to play cricket
  • Nominate players for Area Squads
  • Links established with Local Authorities