Senior Subscriptions

Senior club subscriptions for April 2019 - March 2020 are priced as follows:

  • Full Membership - £110
  • U21s (as of Sep 1 2018) and Student Membership - £55

Subscriptions are due on 1st April and can be paid by bank transfer.

Completed subscription forms should be returned to Colin Dawson.

Club subscriptions are passed directly to the Glasgow Academical Sports Club to cover the cost of the ground staff, maintenance etc…

The committee has decided to ask each member for an annual players' match fee levy instead of individual match fees for ease of collection.  This has been set at £50 for seniors and £30 for U21s/students/unwaged senior members. This money comes directly to the cricket section to cover cricketing costs, equipment etc…

Any member attracting player sponsorship can, if they wish, deduct the full amount of sponsorship from their levy, so a senior member who brings in £50 sponsorship need pay no levy. 

The levy should be preferably be paid by bank transfer, cheque (made payable to "CAC Dawson GAC"), or alternatively by cash, and should be handed to Colin Dawson or any team captain.

Both subscription and levy should be paid no later than the end of May - the section operates a strict no pay, no play policy!

Junior Subscriptions

Subscriptions for April 2021 - March 2022 include a levy of £25 are and are priced at:

  • U18s (as of Sep 1 2018) - £60
  • U10s (as of Sep 1 2018) - £50

Player Registration

Anyone wanting to play senior cricket (ie, any competitive 1XI, 2XI or Midweek XI match) must be registered with the WDCU and have paid their club subscription before they are eligible to play.